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I’m a Firstie Now

Wow, how fast time passes.

Here is MIDN 1/C Steven Doan with his parents last October during 2/C Parents Weekend.  He is now a Firstie and looking forward to his last year at the US Naval Academy.

Steven is the son of current members Dzung Doan & Vanna Nguyen of Houston, Texas.

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Sept. 18-20, 2015

Parents’ Weekend offers an exceptional opportunity for parents to visit with their midshipmen in the historic surroundings of the USNA. If you haven’t made plans to go see your 2/C Midshipmen, now is the time. Pictured above is MIDN 1/C Laurence Moore with his parents, current members Nathan & Darlene Moore of Seabrook, Texas. They are shown having lunch in King Hall, one of the only times during their Mids time at the USNA that outsiders are allowed into Bancroft Hall!  Click here for details of the upcoming 2/C Parents’ Weekend.

2/C Parents’ Weekend

Join the Parents’ Club

USNA Football!

Why should you join the local Parents’ Club you ask?  The comradery that comes from sharing in the trials and tribulations of our children! Or maybe, You actually experienced Plebe Summer yourself and are a USNA Alumni. When you join the USNA Parents’ Club of the Texas Gulf Coast, you automatically become a member of the local Alumni Association! (See below) Pictured above are Paren’ts and Alumni at a local Houston Sports Bar watching a US Naval Academy Football Game.  Join us for the time of your life!

Go Navy! Beat Army!

We can finally wear our Ring!


At this very special event, established in 1925, Second Class Mids officially receive their class rings and have them blessed by dipping them into the “waters of the seven seas,” a bowl of water collected from all seven seas. It is a formal affair where the midshipmen wear their formal mess-dress best and the gowns worn by the ladies are breath-taking…very elegant & sophisticated. Pictured above is MIDN 1/C James Eckles and Jessica Martin. James is the son of current members Todd & Tanya Eckles of Richmond, Texas.

2016 Ring Dance

U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association, Texas Gulf Coast Chapter

The alumni chapter extends free   membership to you while you have    midshipmen at USNA. Please visit     our website at the link above and      choose the applicable Parents’       club membership category (PC -        1 yr, if you have a Firstie, etc.)        We welcome your membership       and hope to see you at upcoming     Chapter and Parents’ Club events.

Keep warm with a Chill out Blanket

Join us for our next meeting!
August 2, 2015

30th Annual Joint Service Academies Military Ball

Navy is hosting this year’s Military Ball on December 26, 2015 at

Moody Gardens Convention Center.

Journey from I-Day to Firstie Year

We always enjoy spotlighting the Midshipmen and their time at the Naval Academy.  We feel it is helpful to potential candidates to see pictures of Academy life and life outside the “Yard.”  It is also exciting for fellow parents to see the mids and the various activities that they participate in.  We are featuring MIDN 1/C Sydney Hemphill from getting her hair cut prior to I-Day to the present.  Click on the photo to start the slide show.  ENJOY!

Sydney has lived in 5 different countries and traveled to 48 countries over 7 years of living abroad. She graduated high school in China and had 3 days to fly back before I-Day.  She learned to speak Russian at the age of 12 so her family could travel through Eastern Europe. She studied Russian for 3 years and will actually have a minor in Russian when she graduates. Sydney volunteers at a local hospital when she has free time off the “Yard,” and is currently completing her summer training aboard the USS Comfort, a Navy Medical Ship.  Sydney enjoys spending time with her mom, dad and sister Helen.  She is looking forward to starting her final year at the USNA as the Second Battalion Commander, for the fall semester.

Good luck to you Sydney during your upcoming Firstie Year.  It looks like the US Navy will be getting an amazing new Ensign to carry on its traditions of protecting our shores!


“The USS Bunker Hill returned from an almost 10 month deployment on June 4, so I went out to meet the ship.  I didn't realize it when I took the photo of the Bunker Hill coming in, but it turns out that LTJG Bowers was actually in command of the ship as it came into port.  The kid who still walks into coffee tables is now driving a multi-million dollar piece of military equipment and protecting our safety (shaking my head in disbelief, but with great pride). LTJG Bowers will be in Texas for a week before heading to Virginia and Rhode Island for training.”   By, Donald Bowers

LTJG Bowers is the son of current  members Donald & Shawn Bowers of Manvel, Texas.

For 30 years, we have been celebrating the Midshipmen & Cadets that attend the 5 US Service Academies; USMA, USNA, USCGA, USMMA and the USAFA. These young men and women are making the choice to serve their country and this is just one way that we salute them.  In order for the JSAMB to be successful, we need your support.

The JSAMB Committee has been meeting monthly since January 2015 to plan for this year’s Military Ball. We are working on exciting raffle items, like the T-shirt Quilt pictured to the right. Raffle tickets this year are $10 and all proceeds go to help pay for the Military Ball. Invitations will be mailed on October 15, 2015 so make sure you have updated your address with your club membership rep.

If you are interested in helping, making a donation or have any questions, please contact Tanya Eckles at 832-651-4277 or ecklest@gmail.com.

We also have a Facebook page that you can ask to join, to get the latest updates and to share your Military Ball photos. This page is open to all family and friends of the Texas Gulf Coast area that support the 5 US Service Academies.  Please take a look and join us to support all of our Midshipmen and Cadets.

**We will have specific raffle items for each Academy that will be advertised as they become available.**

Buy your Raffle Tickets for this handmade T-Shirt Quilt! Contact Tanya Eckles, 832-651-4277 or ecklest@gmail.com.  Only $10 per ticket!

Help us raise money for this year’s Ball.

For many years, families of midshipmen from our area have been meeting as the USNA Parents’ Club of Texas Gulf Coast.  There are many dozens of such parents’ clubs across the country, and ours is consistently recognized by the USNA administration as among the very best at supporting the mission of the Academy.  Our ties to the local Alumni Association, the Blue & Gold officers and recent graduates keep us connected to affairs on the Yard and in the Fleet.

Being a parent of a midshipman can demand much time, patience and understanding.  And because mids are US Navy personnel, strict military discipline and regulations complicate every detail of their lives.  Providing appropriate encouragement and advice can be pivotal for your mid’s success at the Academy.  The Parents’ Club offers you support, tips, knowledge and friendship to help you provide effective support for your mid - while you enjoy the ride along the way.

Why a parents’ club?

To support our midshipmen.

Come join us at our next meeting and learn about the many ways we can support you and your mid during this new adventure.

Go Navy! Semper Fi!

Robert Leyba (Johnathan ‘16/26, Michael ‘19)

President, USNA Parents’ Club Texas Gulf Coast


As a reminder, annual memberships must be renewed each June 30th.  For questions, contact Mamie White at mahwhite@yahoo.com.

Membership Benefits Include:

Firstie Recognition

Birthday Gift for your Mid

Valentine’s Day Box

Halloween Treat

Membership in Houston

Alumni Association

And getting to know all of our wonderful members who share this common bond!

In-Touch Newsletter

Military Ball Invitation

Final Exam Cookies

Networking for your Mid